Facts About Plasma Donation (in English)

How does it work?

Once you submit the form, we will look for the match in our database. If we find a match, then we will share their contact details with you. Please fill Request Plasma form if you wish to request a plasma.

  1. You were tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 3-6 months
  2. You have fully recovered and are free of symptoms for 14-28 days
  3. You are between 18-60 years old
  4. If you have taken a vaccine shot then you can donate only after 28 days. 
You cannot donate plasma if:
  1. Your weight is less than 50 kg
  2. You have ever been pregnant
  3. You are diabetic on insulin
  4. Your Blood Pressure is more than 140 and diastolic less than 60 or more than 90
  5. You have uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension with a change in medication in the last 28 days
  6. You are a Cancer Survivor
  7. You have chronic kidney/heart/lung or liver disease.
Terms & Conditions:

By submitting this form, you agree that your contact details will be shared with donors.

Benefits of Plasma Donation:

Checkout this article from FDA to know the benefits of COVID-19 Plasma Donation.

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Donate Plasma

To avoid any scams, please verify the details yourself before donating.

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